Welcome to my blog Viewing My World! I have another blog A La Carte where I share my love of thrifting, tablescapes and other aspects of my life. This blog is to share my love of photography! I hope by starting this blog I will take more photos. Come along with me as I view my world through the lens of my camera.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I found this fun 30 day photo challenge on Shabby Chicks blog yesterday.  I decided to join in.  I will catch up with the first 3 days of June today and then attempt to post a photo daily.  Attempt I say! :)

June 1~ self portrait
I hate pictures of me, I always get that one eye all squinty!  Oh well, I did it just for all of you!  Taken in the mirror of course.

June 2 ~ Favorite Shoes
These may not look pretty but they are my favorite shoes right now.  A 3 year old pair of TEVA sandals.  I can hike, get them wet and keep on going.  They have the best arch support which I have to have for my planters fasciitis.  No more 'cute' heels for me. 

June 3 ~ Hands
My hand held up to my computer screen with a photo of Tiger's hand

I hope you will think about joining in this fun photo challenge.  I think the only rule is no old photos, you must take them daily (once you catch up)

So I hope you will join me in
Viewing My World,


  1. Hi Linda my sweet squinty friend! I have a phamily portrait where I look like the queen of squinty eyes. I am not sure why some of us have it! I think cause we are so cool! I always love your photos and the hands with sweet Tiger are precious. Hugs Anne

  2. Hello Linda! I'm a relatively NEW follower and just saw this challenge! Considering my blog is supposed to be a "photo" blog (well, for the most part!) I think I would LOVE to ATTEMPT this task myself! I've been seriously bored with myself and my photos recently, so this may be fun! Thanks for posting!

    Tara (Bandhura)

  3. Linda - this is the truth - and you won't believe it - my eye does the same exact thing - same side - looks like I had a stroke. Wonder what that is?