Welcome to my blog Viewing My World! I have another blog A La Carte where I share my love of thrifting, tablescapes and other aspects of my life. This blog is to share my love of photography! I hope by starting this blog I will take more photos. Come along with me as I view my world through the lens of my camera.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stunning Spring!

Spring has come early to the South
We have been having glorious warm days
Just enough rain 
All this has contributed to a Stunning Spring

I'm joining Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday
and the letter

Viewing My World,


Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt

I am so late for this party!  I was away most of the weekend but did not want to miss my interpretation of the prompts!

1. Whimsy
Decorated car in Athens, GA

2. Create
My daughter and I made these cute cupcake toppers for my Grandson's upcoming 1st Birthday party.  Howdy Partner! 

3. Dust
I found this vintage light fixture with dust

4. Seed or Sprout

5. Swing or Drop
I think this was hung to feed birds...it has some interesting growth on the rope

I'm joining Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Viewing My World,


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remember When

Today I'm taking some time to Remember
As I get older I find my self doing that more and more....maybe calling it Reminiscing is more accurate.  When I turned 60 I realized most of my life was behind me. 
I'm still excited about each new day and my life is filled with Love and Joy but still....I Remember!
When my babies were born
A special vacation
Buying a new home
And sad things also...
Losing my Dad
Burying a beloved pet
Still these memories are the fabric of our lives
they give me comfort that I have had a good one!
I've triumphed over hard times and made the best of the worst times.  There is still much to look forward too...I have a Grandson now and he has given me great Joy!
Everyday I make new memories so 
I Rejoice! 

Joining Miss Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday
and the Letter R

Viewing My World,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I love Scavenger Hunt Sunday
This weeks prompts were pretty easy but I did use one from my archives

1. Vintage
I found these old stamps at the thrift store
they have both numbers and letters
I loved the look of them

2. Word or Quote
Being called Grandma is the best word in the world right now!

3. Nature's Own
Dogwood tree starting to bud and bloom

4. People
This is my one archived photo taken last summer at the World's Longest Yard Sale

5. Photographer's Choice
I didn't see my Grandson this week or I would have a photo of him (since he is my favorite subject :)
So Charlie Kitty who is my second favorite subject 
said OK if you must!

I hope you will go my Ashley's Blog
and check out all the wonderful photos each week

Viewing My World,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Listen To The Quiet

I love sound! The sound of laughter!  My girls calling me Mama.  The gurgles and sounds that my sweet Tiger makes.  The purrs and meows of Charlie Kitty!  Music that makes my heart sing!
But I also love to listen to the Quiet!
Mr ALC and I had a little getaway to the
 N. Georgia Mountains last week
We stayed at the Lodge in Amicalola Falls State Park
Being mid-week and early March there weren't too many people....peaceful
We took a drive to Brasstown Bald which is the highest natural point in the state of Georgia
It was empty.  No one there but us.
The views were amazing even on a somewhat cloudy day.  Still very brown as spring has not reached here yet...it was beautiful in it's own way
So Quiet! 
I listened to the Quiet and felt a wonderful peace flow through my body.  Our lives are so full of sound and here there was only the wind and the birds
My body, my spirit and my soul relaxed!
Do you ever listen to the Quiet?

and the letter Q

Viewing My World,


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3~11~12

I took a little mini-getaway to Amicalola Falls and was hoping to get all my photos for this Scavenger hunt there.  I did get three of them and had to find other photos for the last two!  It was a fun hunt this week! 

1. Water
I took some photos of the Falls but the light was so bad that nothing came out really well.  This was at the bottom of the fall and I loved the shadows and floating branches.

2. Light
This is my favorite photo of the series
This was taken in the Lodge looking out the huge windows on a very foggy morning

3. Chocolate
I found it amusing that they sold their own 'chocolate bars' in the gift shop

4. Animal
I wanted to take a picture of some deer we saw but it was dusk and just did not happen.  So Charlie posed for me in his comfy bed.  Almost as much cat hair on it as on him!

5. Crowded
I love Flamingos and enjoyed this display in Hobby Lobby but I must say it is Crowded!

Please check out the other entries of 

Viewing My World,


Saturday, March 10, 2012

O & P

I am behind in my Alphabe-Thur posts!  
Sorry Miss Jenny!
I missed last weeks O post completely!
I promise to make it up!
P for me is for PINK
I love Pink and have many fun items in pink but none more fun then my Flamingo collection
And what better Flamingo to share then one that is of course PINK but is also
A S&P Orphan! 
Yes I collect Orphan S&P's and have a growing collection I promise to share one of these days!

I hope Miss Jenny will forgive the combo post for 
I promise to be on time for Q!!

Viewing My World,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt 3-4-12

I am really enjoying the challenge of the photo scavenger hunt party....this weeks prompts

1. Routine
Morning coffee....need I say more?

2. Music
My guy loves his vintage records

3.  Technology
Laptop cord, Chrome book cord, cell phone cord
these rule my life at times

5. Show me your style
Backless Pink Sketchers
Love these shoes!

5. Mismatch
This one was hard for some reason
Orange and Apple orphan salt shakers

Joining with Ashley at 

Viewing My World,