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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday #5

I'm joining Suzanne at Coloradolady for her weekly Tell Me Tue

This is week #5 and our question is

What is there too much of in the world???

is the first word that popped into my mind
I find that everyone is so angry all the time
Life is hard, I get that but why do we take it out on each other?  Angry salesclerks, angry food servers, angry drivers....I could go on forever.  

I make sure I smile and say thank you always!
It doesn't take much but it means so much!
We must learn to get along!

Viewing My World,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jonquils in January

I think most of us have been experiencing some strange weather so far this month
Here in my neck of the woods its been pretty darn warm for January.  Some days of rain and sun and today I notice this...
Green and yellow in the side yard behind the tree
Today these made me smile but then I wonder
When March comes....will I see any more
Of these???

Jonquils in January?
*also called Daffodils but I needed the J today* 

Linking to Jenny Matlock and 

Viewing My World,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday~Week 4

I'm joining Suzanne at Coloradolady for her weekly Tell Me Tuesday.  She asks a question and we answer.  My first thought today was, Suzanne where do these questions come from?

This weeks question:
Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never to be able to make new ones?

Wow~this is a hard one!

I gave it some thought and decided that I would give up making new memories.  I think that at age 61 more of my life is behind me and to lose all that would make me feel like I had lost me!  

No new memories but I would know my daughters and family and my Grandson.  I would still have times with them, but wouldn't remember.  

I fear this would be like having Alzheimers not something I would wish on anyone.

just viewing my world,


Thursday, January 19, 2012

I is for.....

Today starts a new series called "Thrifty Living 2012"
I am not one of the contributing blogs but have decided to join in and post my own thoughts as I read the five wonderful ladies that will be posting in this series.  Today's posts were getting to know the bloggers and their reasons for thrifty living.

My name is Linda and I have two blogs.  A La Carte which features my thrifty finds, tablescaping and decorating fun.  I started this blog Viewing My World to share my photos and more personal views of my world.  This is where I will be doing my thrifty living posts. 
 I am 61 (divorced), I have two grown daughters, an amazing son in law, one beautiful Grandson,and a furry child named Charlie.  I lost my job about 2 1/2 years ago.  It knocked me to my knees.  I have looked and looked for work but have been unable to find a job in this economy.  After using up all my unemployment I find myself living on savings without health insurance. 
Its a very scary thing!
I decided to 'retire' and live the best life I can.  Not looking for a job any longer has reduced stress in so many ways.  Being retired has not been all bad. My daughter and son-in-law had a baby last year and I was able to spend several weeks helping them.  I've also been able to visit my brother in Texas who is terminally ill and see more of my Mom who also lives in Texas.  My oldest daughter moved to Calif and I've been able to visit her also.

The downside of course is paying the bills! 
I share my home (bought together 3 months before losing my job...ouch) with my best friend C. 
  He is a great guy and I'm lucky to have a person to share expenses with.  We each have our own lives but share times together also. We have been happily together for almost 4 years. 
It works for us. 

I love thrifting and blogging and have had a great time doing both.  After embracing being 'retired', I've realized I must cut back drastically on all spending.  This year will be an interesting one. 
I hope to learn about others ideas for living frugally and improve my own life.  

I'm also joining Jenny for Alphabe-Thur
for the letter  'I' which I used 24 times!

Viewing My World,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday #3

I'm joining Coloradolady for her weekly Tell Me Tuesday party! 

Week Three Question:

What is the most important lesson you learned in the past year?

This past year has been a tough one!  Full of joy and sorrow and some really hard situations.  Thinking about the lessons learned I felt like the most important thing I learned was that
'sometimes you have to let go to move on'

Sometimes things fall apart that you never expected too
You learn there is a season for everything
friendships, life, love

Still there is always the future

New beginnings 


Viewing My World,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

White House Chef

Murder, intrigue, cooking....what's not to love?
These are the basis for a new series of books I'm reading.  The White House Chef series by Julie Hyzy.  I found one of her books at a thrift store and thought it looked good.  The first book in the series is
State of the Onion
State of the OnionJanuary, 2008Winner 2009 Lovey Award for Best Traditional Mystery
2009 Anthony Award winner
2009 Barry Award winner
Best Paperback Original
Berkley Prime Crime
Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0425218694
ISBN-13: 978-0425218693
Never let them see you sweat -- that's White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras's motto, which is pretty hard to honor in the most important kitchen in the world. She's hell-bent on earning her dream job, Executive Chef. There's just one thing: her nemesis is vying for it, too. Well, that and the fact that an elusive assassin wants to see her fry...
The highly-trained Secret Service agents couldn't do it. Snipers swarming the White House grounds were no help. Only Ollie Paras was able to stop the intruder-hitting him with a frying pan. She'd like to wash her hands of the whole thing, but after she witnesses a murder, there's no going back...
Ollie's Secret Service boyfriend warns her that the killer is a world-class assassin. And Ollie's the only person alive who can recognize him. Still, guilt propels her to investigate, even if it means putting herself -- and her relationship-in hot water...

This was such a fun read I decided to continue with the series and have read

Julie Hyzy is a fun, clever writer and the workings of the White House and Secret Service are a fun playground for her mysteries.  
If interested in learning more about her visit her website HERE

I'm joining Jenny Matlock for Alphabe-Thur 
and the letter H is for Hyzy

Viewing My World,


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eiffel Tower or Bust!

Suzanne at Coloradolady is having a weekly party called 
Each week she has a question she asks and we answer. This is week 2 and my first time to join in! 

Week Two Question:
What is one thing you remember saying when you were young that as an adult you would do no matter what? Did you do it or is it still a dream?

Honestly I can't remember saying I would do something no matter what as a kid except...
well I wanted to be a Mother....and I am.

But I think the other thing I remember dreaming of was going to France....really going to Paris! 
It sounded so glamorous and romantic and it still does.  No I've not been and maybe never will.  
But it's OK to dream! 
As you can tell from my other Blog
A La Carte I still love France and all things Paris.
I have shared my dream with my oldest daughter
She was recently in Las Vegas and told me about the replica Eiffel Tower and she is taking me there for Mother's Day! 
(from the Paris hotel website)

It may not be the real thing but I'm still excited! 
I've never been to Las Vegas so it will be a fun trip.  I will then visit Ashleigh for a week in Calif.

So that's my dream and hey it might come true one day.  Until then the fantasy of being at the 'Eiffel Tower" will do! 

Just Viewing My World,


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

G is for Grateful

I want to always remember to be Grateful
Life has given me so much and I continue to be blessed. 
 I have a wonderful family
And terrific friends
I am grateful for my faith in a God who I know loves me 
And does answer prayer

For the Furry love of my life, Charlie
and for all of you who take the time to read my blogs and leave comments! 
For all this and so much more 
I am truly Grateful!

I'm joining Jenny for Alphabe-Thur

Viewing My World,