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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That Was The Year That Was

As we end 2011 it is time to take a moment to reflect on 
the year that was!

The year started out for me on such a positive note!  My first Grandchild was due in April and there was so much to do to get ready.  I was so happy to help my Daughter and SIL get the nursery ready
The couple's baby shower was so much fun
We were ready for Tiger to arrive!
 And arrive he did on April 7th
Changing our world forever!
June found us at YMCA summer camp where Blake was Aquatic & Music Director
I spent about 10 days helping them to get settled and enjoying my birthday with Sara, Blake & Tiger
The happy family just days before this
Blake had a serious ankle break that required surgery.  They came home from camp and I went over to be with Blake at the hospital and then home to help them for a few days. 
It was a long summer but they were able to work several weeks of camp before Sara had to return to school.  Daddy daycare started and went really well!  So proud of Blake, a wonderful Dad even on crutches. 
My older daughter Ashleigh moved across the country from me to Cali.  I miss her a lot but
I got to visit her for two weeks and had a wonderful time in Sunny California!
After returning home I got word that my brother was not doing so well and I flew to Texas
I spent a month there with my Mom and visiting my brother....it was extremely hard to see him so ill.  He is at peace with it all.  Since leaving he has been given longer to live then at first expected so I will be returning to visit him in February
During this time my blogging family has been a wonderful support and the prayers have been such a blessing to me and my family.  I can't thank each of you enough!
I made it home for Thanksgiving and was able to spend some time taking care of Tiger.  I love this child so much and he makes everything better
We had a fun photo shoot in the park for their Christmas card and I had a blast taking pictures of my favorite little guy
This describes my Christmas with more to come
I will be spending New Year's Weekend with Sara, Blake and Tiger and we will have our Christmas then also!
Tiger is for sure my best gift this year!

As the year ends and 2012 approaches, I am wishing for more JOY with my family and wishing my brother some time to be with his wife, children and grandchildren.  I feel hopeful that 2012 will continue to be a blessing.  

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December is a good month for us!

This makes me the happiest Mom in the world!
Ashleigh has finished her last collage class and has now earned her Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.  It took many years of online classes while working full time...but she did it!  
I am so proud of her! 

This makes me the happiest Mom & Grandma in the world
Blake & Sara enjoying their first Christmas with Tiger
On Dec 23rd they will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary!
December is a happy month for us!
I love my children and my grandchild so much! 

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fa la la la FELT

I have found a new love!  Felt/felted ornaments!
These cute ornaments were bought and were very inexpensive but oh so cute, die cute felt
Cute little stocking out of felt with poinsettia decorations (ignore the cat hair, Charlie likes this ornament apparently) found at Cracker Barrel for 50 cents~
This cute mushroom ornament is felted and I found it at a Craft Show last weekend...love it!
Charlie made out of felt from my friend Susan
She also made these cute cats last year
The cats are made from felt but the scarves are felted....ah, so what is the difference?
Felt fabric can be bought at stores.  It is manufactured from several fibers
wool, wool/rayon and acrylic
They have different feels and weights so depending on the project you would choose accordingly

Felted is taking wool sweaters and shrinking it down to a nice 'felted' fabric

Before you get all excited and thing wow that Linda really knows her stuff....I have to tell you I bought a book to help me with this

Now I am not really crafty but in researching different publications on felt/felted fabric this one received high marks.  EASY (oh that's for me) and since I could get it with Amazon gift cards from Swag points...I did!!

Look at these projects!
Cute little birds to hang on your tree
The sweetest little pin cushions!
I love these trees 
But I think the felted scrap wreath is my favorite
I saw one at the craft show in grey, white and cranberry and I want to make one!

So watch out for me looking for wool sweaters to felt and trying to make some ornaments...It will probably be next year (just being real here) but still I think I can and will do this! 

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Oh and in case you were wondering...the author of Fa la la la Felt wouldn't know me if I walked up to her face to face and is not compensating me in any way for this blog post!  

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Take Good Care Of This Moment #2

My moment came on Wednesday
Rainy and cold day 
But the sun was shining in my heart
I was meeting my friend Sandie for lunch
With all the craziness that has been my life lately we hadn't seen each other in months
this was our day
Friendship is a gift and Sandie comes wrapped in a big red bow!  She is a special friend.  She really sees me and gets me.  She listens and cares.  I hope I do the same for her.  I have missed her and all it takes is one day, really only a few hours, and a big smile returns to my face.
I love you Sandie and treasure our moments of friendship 
so very much!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

E is for Elves!

What is it they say??  It takes 3 to make a collection? Whoops then I have a collection of elves...I didn't mean to, really I didn't, but look at these...wouldn't they have come home with you??

Come on!  Cute, shabby and sitting in a shoe!

Or this guy...hanging on a shelf...I know you love him!

Look at that face!  Chippy red paint and all...
I know you would add him to your home


How about this cute little guy reading a book?

Well it's not my fault, I needed something that started with an E so I could join Miss Jenny at 
See I told you...not my fault! 

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Since these are all vintage I thought I would join Miss Suzanne at Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingy Thursday!  Always so much fun!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Take Good Care Of This Moment

One of my favorite people in blogland is Pam at p.quinn.  She is an artist and a great photographer.
She posted today about a new linky party for December
"Take Good Care Of This Moment" 
hosted by Lynn at Blue Skies
Tell us your moment. The moment of the week where you stopped. You re-looked at your moment. You kept it with you all day, knowing you would save it for a long time to come.

Here is my moment of the week

Wednesday I took care of my Grandson for the day while my SIL took a final exam and my daughter worked.  Not the first time I've been blessed to spend time with this gorgeous child but something happened on Wednesday that was a first.  It was nap time and trying to get Tiger down for his afternoon nap isn't easy.  So Grandma and Tiger lay down together.  I sang a few songs softly and then we prayed for Daddy to do well on his test.  Tiger got very still and very quiet and he and I just gazed into each others eyes.

I felt like he really looked at me for the first time and realized this person is someone special, someone who loves me and I will love her also. I smiled, he smiled back.  I gazed into those beautiful brown eyes that are so much like my daughters and I knew that no matter what is going on in my life, this moment will be precious forever.  

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

D is for Done??

Are you DONE yet?  Decorating?  Buying Gifts?  Baking?  Sending Cards?  NO?  Well it's OK because it's only December 1st and we have lots of time...Ha!
As you well know this is the shortest month of all since there is more to do then time to do it! 
What have I DONE? 
Well all the fall decorations are down and put in the basement!  I even have the big tree in the living room up!
  Monday we rearranged the furniture and put the tree in front of the window in the living room...do you see my helper?
Then come the boxes of ornaments for this tree
I got smart last year and marked my totes and bins and boxes and this year is so much easier.
Bringing up a few at a time, decorating and then returning the empties to the basement and bringing up more! 
My helper is all tuckered out, hanging ornaments is a hard job!
Decorated....another D word
A cute Doll ornament from Target last year

A Santa Duckie ornament new this year
My helper is back after his nap...

Now I need to get much more DONE since I want to join in all the fun Christmas parties next week. 
So here is my to DO list:
Send Cards
Decorate Cubbies
Kitchen Tree
Cat Tree
wrap presents
buy more presents
wrap more presents
get presents in mail
bake cookies

OK, OK...enough 
Will I ever get DONE??

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