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Thursday, May 3, 2012

X is for X-Ray

X has given me trouble...
Really it has and then I finally went to google X words and what pops up???

so here is my post for the letter X

This is the X-Ray from my Son In Law Blake's surgery on his broken ankle last summer!

I am so glad he is doing well now but he is thinking of having those two side screws removed as they are causing him some problems

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  1. Not a good x at all - but man he does have screws in his ankle on that x-ray! Ouch. Poor baby. Hope he can get them out soon! sandiae

  2. that is crazy. My hubby had his hips replaced and has x rays from that but this looks far more painful Hope he heals quickly

  3. Hello.
    Ouch...that does indeed look painful. Shame someone can't come up with screws that just melt away over time. Wishing him well. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I've got one word to sum up this picture...OUCH!!!!!! :)~Ames

  5. Linda you are a character and I love knowing you! You made the perfect X post. I am glad your son-in-law is doing so well. Medical technology is amazing!

  6. ouch! hope he makes a full recovery.

  7. one of my friends has a similar xray ... those ankle injuries are hard to recover from. I wish him well!

  8. Ouch! That's all I can say. Hope he's fully recovered or will be very soon.

  9. Yikes, and ouchie! This is a serious "X" post, Linda! Your poor son-in-law! Hope he recovers completely!!

  10. Not so sure if one ouch would do! It's got to be an XXXXX-tra super-duper OUCH!

  11. Ooo! Ow! In X-ray form, it's rather scary!

  12. Yikes. Looking at Blake's x-ray makes me squeamish!


    But it was still an xcellent link for the letter X.

    Thank you for sharing it. I hope he's all healed now!