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Thursday, June 7, 2012

C is for CAT!

It's been hot here in Texas
So none of us are moving too fast!
Sam is ignoring me!  Mom's cat is a fun little guy!
He makes me miss my Charlie a little less.....
but not much!!

Here is a picture of Charlie...they look a lot alike don't they!
  I'll be home soon Charlie!

C is for Cats
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  1. Yep, it's hot here in Texas but the "best" is yet to come! With the huge storms that rolled through yesterday, today's temp is 70 degrees!
    Sam is a cutie!

  2. Oh my goodness....you know, it sometimes doesn't get that hot here during the entire summer. We're in the middle of a rainy spell and it's COLD out. I'll have to wear a jacket.....with a hood....today!

  3. Near 90 - phew. Her cat is sweet but not as sweet as Charlie! Love, sandie

  4. Pretty cat.
    It has been nice here but I know that is only a tease.

    ~Naila Moon

  5. That is very HOT!
    Sam is very handsome! I love his black tail!

  6. Beautiful! Glad it's not that hot here...yet

  7. Sam is quite a cutie!

    I hope you get to see Charlie soon!

    Stay cool!

    Oh wait! You already are cool!

    Thanks for linking.