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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

B is for

Blue Glass! 
What can I say, I love my blue glass
 and I especially love my Blue Birds!
I am a big fan of these Blue Birds of Happiness created at Terra Studios, Inc.  I have found all of mine at thrift shops and yard sales and they just make me so happy!
Of course I had to start collecting other blue glass to go with those sweet birds!   All my finds are from thrift shops or yard sales! 
I like finding these smaller pieces that will sit on my windowsill so the light can shine through them!
This little guy was not made at Terra Studios and he was found at an Antique Mall...love him sitting on his blue pillow! 
I'm joining Miss Jenny for

Viewing My World,



  1. I guess the grateful days are over. And now on to the alphabet!!! I like your blue glass and I think it is so pretty in the windows! sandie

  2. Oh ~ Love your blue glass ~ one of my favorites ~ excellent for 'B' ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Those little birds are adorable! They look so lovely all together on the window with the other blue glass items.

  4. such pretty glass...love them in the window

  5. how fun that you've managed to find them in thrift stores.

  6. So Pretty! I see some wonderful still lives in there!

  7. Wow - one mouse click and these beautiful blue birds appeared on my screen - what a treat!! Thanks for that!

  8. oh I love them too...they are quite lovely! :)

  9. I also collect blue glass. In fact, I have the same bluebird as in the first photo - the one on the far left. I love going to the antique stores in my neighborhood and finding little dishes, vases, and bowls.

  10. wow, your blue glass is incredible! I love color and the blue takes my breath away.

  11. The birdies are so cheerful! But I love the pitcher -beautiful!

  12. love blue glass! As that is the title of my first published novel. When it came out, I got lots of blue glass gifts!

  13. Ahhh...blue glass. I used to have several blue glass curled up kitties. I have no idea where those ever got to!

    What a beautiful post!

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Normally not fond of blue in general, but I, too, have fallen head over heels for Terra Glass Birds! So jealous that Monkeybox Shara lives a 'stones throw' from the studio!! What will 'C' be? Chartreuse?? 8-)

  15. Such a pretty post. I like all the blue glass against the light and windows. Looks so homey.