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Friday, April 27, 2012


My sweet Grandson Tiger is walking!
It sure does change things!
He loves outdoors so has new shoes!
Cowboy boots for a one year old! 

Helping in the garden

Off come the clothes so he can play in the mud!

Walking has changed things for Mom & Dad
but they love it!

W is for Walking!
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Viewing My World,



  1. I always loved when our kiddos took their first steps. It's really an amazing thing. Those days are long behind us now. Maybe the future will bring more little ones to our lives again to see such fun moments once more.

    I'm doing the Alphabe-Thursday hop late! Have a good weekend. ~Cathy

    What/Where in the World?

  2. How sweet. I love these beautiful photographs!

  3. Walking is a WAY big change for mom and dad. Love the boots. And love the dirt on him! sandie

  4. Those little boots are too cute! The mud photo is a keeper - he sure is having fun!

  5. Hello.
    Your grandson is adorable. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Walking is such a big step - literally and figuratively. Life will never be the same. Enjoy.

  7. oh.my.goodness. dirty dirty boy! i see you in that last picture, in tiger's face!

  8. I need this dirty little baby to play with!

    He is sooooo sweet. Those boots are DEFINITELY made for walking.

    I'm so glad you have such a wonderful little fella in your life.

    Thanks for sharing him.