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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fa la la la FELT

I have found a new love!  Felt/felted ornaments!
These cute ornaments were bought and were very inexpensive but oh so cute, die cute felt
Cute little stocking out of felt with poinsettia decorations (ignore the cat hair, Charlie likes this ornament apparently) found at Cracker Barrel for 50 cents~
This cute mushroom ornament is felted and I found it at a Craft Show last weekend...love it!
Charlie made out of felt from my friend Susan
She also made these cute cats last year
The cats are made from felt but the scarves are felted....ah, so what is the difference?
Felt fabric can be bought at stores.  It is manufactured from several fibers
wool, wool/rayon and acrylic
They have different feels and weights so depending on the project you would choose accordingly

Felted is taking wool sweaters and shrinking it down to a nice 'felted' fabric

Before you get all excited and thing wow that Linda really knows her stuff....I have to tell you I bought a book to help me with this

Now I am not really crafty but in researching different publications on felt/felted fabric this one received high marks.  EASY (oh that's for me) and since I could get it with Amazon gift cards from Swag points...I did!!

Look at these projects!
Cute little birds to hang on your tree
The sweetest little pin cushions!
I love these trees 
But I think the felted scrap wreath is my favorite
I saw one at the craft show in grey, white and cranberry and I want to make one!

So watch out for me looking for wool sweaters to felt and trying to make some ornaments...It will probably be next year (just being real here) but still I think I can and will do this! 

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Oh and in case you were wondering...the author of Fa la la la Felt wouldn't know me if I walked up to her face to face and is not compensating me in any way for this blog post!  

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  1. yeah, swagbucks! that's a great choice-good luck on trying these! i bought a felt bird brooch off of etsy, of course. LOVE that charlie ornament! fabulous!

  2. The trees were terrific! Definitely my fave!

  3. love these crafts, so simple to make as well. I found the wreath when I was looking for a craft project for the kid's classroom holiday party.. came here via Alphabe Thursday

  4. Thanks for telling us the difference..I was unaware. Neat ornaments!
    I am blog hopping & following you from Katherine's Corner. Growing Old With Grace http://growing-old-with-grace.blogspot.com/. Hugs, GraceinAZ

  5. Love these felt ornaments. I just might find time to play with some felt between now and the 25th! :)

  6. Gee, I think I could do this!!!
    I really liked the Poinsettia one too, your cat has good taste LOL

  7. Cute felt ornaments. Felt is so great for crafting and I need to do more crafts, too.

  8. That looked exactly like CHARLIE! Awesome. sandie

  9. Felt away my sweet friend. I just saw some cute felt items at the store tonight. Then I came home, stopped at the mail box and saw a card from LINDA!!!!!
    Thank you so so much for the sweet frame. I have the purrfect picture to put in it.
    I love it.
    Merry Christmas my dear feline friend.

  10. Love the felt ornaments! And that book! I just may have to get it eventually! Such neat projects in there!


  11. I really want to try some of these!! =)

  12. Charlie is so cute! All of these creations are just fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I had to laugh when you said to ignore the cat hair. That would be the case in my house too. Adorable ornaments. Good luck next year working on that wreath.

  14. Oh Linda... Now I want to start crafting with felt right away, but -- alas! -- I have to clean the bathroom first. :)

  15. These are so pretty and I love the cats! I would like to try this and make one resembling each one of the little strays I feed (we're rural and they get dumped). The birds are so cute too- maybe I could hang one in front of each cat!

  16. These are great Finds...

    I love the little Felt birds, too cute!

    Thanks for this Fun-Felted link to the letter "F"!

    Fond wishes For a Fantastic 2012!


  17. Hi Linda, I can see that you have found yourself a new hobby. They are so cute and I'm sure they would be quite easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy New Year. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris