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Thursday, December 1, 2011

D is for Done??

Are you DONE yet?  Decorating?  Buying Gifts?  Baking?  Sending Cards?  NO?  Well it's OK because it's only December 1st and we have lots of time...Ha!
As you well know this is the shortest month of all since there is more to do then time to do it! 
What have I DONE? 
Well all the fall decorations are down and put in the basement!  I even have the big tree in the living room up!
  Monday we rearranged the furniture and put the tree in front of the window in the living room...do you see my helper?
Then come the boxes of ornaments for this tree
I got smart last year and marked my totes and bins and boxes and this year is so much easier.
Bringing up a few at a time, decorating and then returning the empties to the basement and bringing up more! 
My helper is all tuckered out, hanging ornaments is a hard job!
Decorated....another D word
A cute Doll ornament from Target last year

A Santa Duckie ornament new this year
My helper is back after his nap...

Now I need to get much more DONE since I want to join in all the fun Christmas parties next week. 
So here is my to DO list:
Send Cards
Decorate Cubbies
Kitchen Tree
Cat Tree
wrap presents
buy more presents
wrap more presents
get presents in mail
bake cookies

OK, OK...enough 
Will I ever get DONE??

I'm joining Alphabe-Thursday with 
Miss Jenny 

Viewing My World,



  1. i am no where near done, lol. just put up our tree last night, but didn't decorate it yet. that will be this weekend i'd guess. charlie looks like a fabulous helper! sunday was just interested in the box the tree came in, hehe.

  2. I havent done a single thing yet and I have my sons birthday coming up on the 12th Great looking tree

  3. You're way ahead of me. Our tree is in the stand but not decorated. (I intend to remedy that this weekend!)


    My post today: Divine Nature

  4. Fun post. I'm such a holiday slacker...our house is likely to go undecorated, but no-one seems to care so it's all good. My peops are more interested in the holiday food than the holiday trim... ;)

  5. Not even close to being done here! I recognized a few of those ornaments. I've been collecting Hallmark ornaments since 1994! :)

  6. You have a cute little helper there! And a beautiful tree. You are way ahead of me!


  7. I've DONE a lot even before Dec. 1st as you know... and I ADORE kitty sleeping under the tree. Isn't that what tree skirts are all about?? Mama cat is sleeping on my couch. She didn't help with anything but meow for some tuna today.
    BTW... please send me your address dear friend.
    Happy "D" day
    Love You
    Love me
    P.S. How is your brother??

  8. Linda your tree is gorgeous!! I just found this blog! So I am following you here to!! Your helper is a cutie!

  9. Done? Done you ask?! NO! I've barely started!
    You have such a good helper. My kitties love to hang out under the tree, too!

  10. I am another one who is not DONE, but one who has not started. My Thanksgiving things are still up. I am not DONE with taking them DOWN! Guess I better get to it soon! I think I'll wait until Saturday.


  11. Looks great! I have the same kind of "helper" at my house. The heat vent is near the tree and he naps under there to stay warm, and probably to avoid the kids haha.
    ~visiting from Ms. Jenny's!

  12. I love checking off my list and when I saw your title I had to come over! Well, I really appreciate your post and love how your really loving all you have to do - it makes me smile. We're out-of-country and are being so low-keyed this year but, for a moment, I was caught up in the wonderful busyness of the season - thanks!!
    btw, love your helper. come visit anytime @ http://robinlynnsroad.blogspot.com/2011/12/day-to-day-delights.html

  13. Ohhh! I didn't know you had another blog. Very nice pictures of your tree, and your helper got caught sleeping on the job, too funny.

  14. Hmmm...


    I wonder what I'm doing visiting blogs when I have almost nothing DONE!


    Thanks for a delightfully panic inducing link to the letter D.