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Saturday, March 10, 2012

O & P

I am behind in my Alphabe-Thur posts!  
Sorry Miss Jenny!
I missed last weeks O post completely!
I promise to make it up!
P for me is for PINK
I love Pink and have many fun items in pink but none more fun then my Flamingo collection
And what better Flamingo to share then one that is of course PINK but is also
A S&P Orphan! 
Yes I collect Orphan S&P's and have a growing collection I promise to share one of these days!

I hope Miss Jenny will forgive the combo post for 
I promise to be on time for Q!!

Viewing My World,


  1. Hey girl - I love PINK and I love Flamingo's!


  2. I have an aunt in Scotland who is in her 90. She collected flamingos wherever she went. We used to send her christmas cards, birthday cards and every other occasion with flamingos. These are very cute. She would have loved these.

  3. Whne traveling on vacation, I saw a yard dotted with pink flamingos! Yours is very pretty!

  4. Linda! I love orphan S & P's. Your flamingo is totally, absolutely perfect!

    With or without the partner S or P!

    Thanks for a particularly sweet link for the letter 'P'.

    Trust me. I wouldn't chastise anyone for being late.

    I am so behind I'm almost catching up with myself!

    Hugs and A+