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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Listen To The Quiet

I love sound! The sound of laughter!  My girls calling me Mama.  The gurgles and sounds that my sweet Tiger makes.  The purrs and meows of Charlie Kitty!  Music that makes my heart sing!
But I also love to listen to the Quiet!
Mr ALC and I had a little getaway to the
 N. Georgia Mountains last week
We stayed at the Lodge in Amicalola Falls State Park
Being mid-week and early March there weren't too many people....peaceful
We took a drive to Brasstown Bald which is the highest natural point in the state of Georgia
It was empty.  No one there but us.
The views were amazing even on a somewhat cloudy day.  Still very brown as spring has not reached here yet...it was beautiful in it's own way
So Quiet! 
I listened to the Quiet and felt a wonderful peace flow through my body.  Our lives are so full of sound and here there was only the wind and the birds
My body, my spirit and my soul relaxed!
Do you ever listen to the Quiet?

and the letter Q

Viewing My World,



  1. I like your new header LInda.
    When I listen to the "quiet", I hear ringing. I have Tinnitus. What does that tell you??? I don't like quiet. I know it sounds weird. I always have to have music, or the fan going at night. I have to have that "white noise".
    Your trip looked like a very relaxing trip. I thought stone mountain was the highest natural point in GA.... but you would know more than me, lol.
    Nice pics Linda, nice weekend.

  2. Yes, everyday!! I like it quiet when everyone is out of the house during the day. I wouldn't want it all the time but I do appreciate it when I get it!

  3. It does look peaceful there Linda - glad you and mister had such a wonderful 'quiet' time. Love, sandie

  4. I can hear that quiet! Sometimes you just have to turn the world off! Fab pictures!

  5. Quiet and peaceful, I think we all like some of this now and then.

  6. I think I need a trip there! That sounds so good.

  7. No I don't often listen to the quiet. But after reading this post I am craving it.

  8. All the time! It's why I moved out here to the middle of nowhere....

    Isn't is amazing how healing nature and quiet can be?

  9. Yes, early in the morning is my favorite time of day- before daybreak- before anyone wakes... hubby and dog are sleeping, ahhhh. I have a cross stitch framed in the bedroom that reminds us to "listen to the quiet" (I think it would be better suited if we hung it in the dog's kennel, LOL) jk, thank you for that tour, beautiful place you chose to go to!

  10. There's nothing so nice as quiet when you want it, but I love the joyful noise of family and friends too.

  11. Loved the quiet reflected in your photos. I have a sis who lives in beautiful Georgia...

  12. Oh Linda, this was beautiful.

    I could feel the peace and quiet echo through every picture you shared!

    Sometimes my heart craves this peace.

    But it is so often difficult to find.

    Thanks for letting me share it here.

    And thank you for linking.


  13. i loove listening to the quiet! what a great post. we've been having some glorious weather, and the cat and i have been sitting in the sunroom with all the windows open after work, and it's been fabulous. until my neighbor starts blaring baseball so loudly, b/c she wants to sit outside and hear it. then i have to shut the windows. ugh!