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Thursday, February 23, 2012

N is for NEW!

Do you like new? 
How about just 'new' to you?

Now that I am retired and on a limited income I usually look for used or 'new to me' items first!
I have bought small appliances, home decor, dishes, books and clothes all from the thrift shop or yard sales.
I have saved so much money! 
My friends and family know I buy thrifty gifts.
  I also buy thrifty items for my Grandchild!
  Clothes especially are such a bargain.  I have found some wonderful books that can cost up to $15 new but used as low as 40 cents!  Tiger doesn't care and my daughter is thrilled!   I do buy some new for him but when I can save money I do!

I can only think of a few items I would not even consider buying used (undies & bras)...I'm just sayin!  But I know many that will buy those items used.  I do say to each their own.  I also don't buy many used shoes...mostly because I have foot issues and must have certain kinds of shoes, but I do look for bargains.
Looking around my house I see that most items I have are 'new' to me but used!

How do you feel about New?

This post is featuring the letter N for 
Alpha-be Thur with Miss Jenny!

Viewing My World,


  1. Most of everything I have is used. Like you though I will not buy used bras or underwear. I used to not buy any used clothes but a lot of the times, they are still in good shape and have plenty of like left. I love finding new items in the thrift store. Twice now I have found new shoes for my toddler. I have a thrifting blog if you ever want to see my finds.

    Its called Treasures in Thriftingland


  2. Hi Linda! I am in the same boat as you. I think besides the unmentionables and shoes, the other thing I just can't seem to bring myself to buy are bed sheets and towels. I still donate shoes and linens but just don't buy them. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with those items I just have a phobia. ~Ames

  3. so speaking of new, i'd totally forgotten my dad and stepmom's foray into ebay...they were selling old shirts, etc, and someone paid for/purposely bought my dad's USED underwear and my stepmom's USED bathing suits. now before you think why was my dad selling used underwear, it was only something he wore once and decided he didn't like them (a new style) but still! they were on! go to walmart or something. ack!

  4. Oh My Linda! I am so happy to meet you through Miss Jenny! I love the "new to you" philosophy of life. Some of my favorite places are thrift stores or wonderful places like "Mottley Emporium" in Farmville, VA - full of all kinds of treasures! And I see there's a few others in the comment area who agree. :) come on over and visit anytime ... *new follower* ... I know I'll have to adjust my following ritual soon but as of now, don't have linky.
    Blessings for a great week-end.

  5. Well I do like new underwear and bras, but other than that I like thrift finds as well. You knew that though, lol.
    I see so many cute children's things, clothes & toys. But... I've been looking for some new threads myself. Haven't found anything lately. Nothing is fitting properly... I wonder why?????
    Have a great weekend and i LOVE your pink and blue table setting. NICE

  6. I agree 100% - they are only going to use those toys for such a short time - and then poof - what do you do with them?

    I don't think I would buy shoes either.

    Tiger is cute.


  7. I'm with you, Linda. New is highly over rated - except for undies, night wear and bedding - but everything else....whyever not?

  8. I am always willing to do 'recycled' in almost everything...except underwear!

    I figure it's new to me...and that's what counts!

    Until about 7 years ago I never had a brand new appliance. The day I got my refrigerator delivered I went pretty crazy with happiness!

    Thanks for linking up to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "N".

    This was a nifty little post!