Welcome to my blog Viewing My World! I have another blog A La Carte where I share my love of thrifting, tablescapes and other aspects of my life. This blog is to share my love of photography! I hope by starting this blog I will take more photos. Come along with me as I view my world through the lens of my camera.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have been looking for a party about photography that would suit my limited photography skills but also be a challenge.  I found it this week at 

Each week there are 5 prompts for photos 
This week is my first time joining so here we go!

1. Love
My sweet Grandson Tiger means Love to me!

2. Duplicated
This one stumped me for a little while, then I saw these two Blue Ridge plates.  They are hand painted following the same pattern
duplicated but unique

3. Trend
Not being a very 'trendy' gal I decided to photograph my Chrome Book that my techie daughter gave me...I do love it!

4. Paper
This one was easy!  My Valentine from my guy!

5. Plastic
Vintage plastic nut cups

I really enjoyed this and hope you will go by 
and visit Ashley and Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Viewing My World,



  1. So glad to see you participating! You have such a beautiful grandson!!

  2. This is a wonderful idea to expand your photography skills! Your little grandson is a doll and very photogenic.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. Tiger is a beautiful little boy, God bless him. xo

  4. I agree, that your photographs look great. It's easy to see what is most important to you by the content you chose, too. Good job---even if I am one of your followers, and not from the photography challenge. Hugs.

  5. The Scavenger Hunt is a great challenge (I've only done 3 now). Your grandson is precious. I also really like the way that you captured the plates and the paper card. :)

  6. I love number one the best! sandie

  7. Great photos, Linda...Tiger is so cute and getting so big! I love the picture of Charlie...he is gorgeous.

  8. Limited photography skills? I think your photos look great. What a fun challenge too.

  9. This does look like fun! Great photos...especially Love! ♥♥♥

  10. I get a little stumped on these theme things too. The "duplicate" was a good choice (Nice plates) :D

  11. That Tiger - what a sweetie - can't say it enough! His eyes must make his Nana melt!

  12. all your pictures are so special... I think LOVE is your best shot. What a sweet little face.

  13. You take a good photo, Linda. Of course, you have cool stuff and an extremely photogenic Tiger to shoot. Hmmm...you have a distinctly unfair advantage. :-) Thanks for providing the link to get here. :-)

  14. Excellent photos Linda! What a sweet cherub that Tiger is ~ adorable!
    xo Catherine

  15. What a great set - hope you're having a great week.

  16. Great photos Linda!

    Susan and Bentley