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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Songs That Bring Back Memories

I missed last weeks question on Tell Me Tue but this week I am glad to be back!

Today's Question
What songs bring you back to really great moments in your life? 

You would think that is easy but at age 61 I've heard lots of songs that bring back so many memories
I'll pick a few to share on this Valentine's Day

Do You Want To Know A Secret by the Beatles
I was a young teen when the Beatles hit the US and life was never the same!  I was lucky enough to see them in concert at the Hollywood Bowl! 
I love this song as it's playful and sweet and just reminds me of being a teenager!

Annie's Song by John Denver
I know, I know....but this song made me cry and feel joy and so much love!  I associate it with a man I fell hard for but in the end we parted.  He wrote me poetry and was the most romantic guy ever! This was our song and I remember it with sweet memories!  I saw John Denver in concert a couple of times and cried when he sang Annies's song!

Rubber Ducky Your The One by Sesame Street
So you know where this one is going right?  My girls who are the great joy of my life, were great fans of Sesame Street.  We had records and we sang the songs all the time and danced and had so much fun.  Bath time was great and this song just reminds me of when they were little ones!

I see I could go on and on but I will share one more song that is one of my all time favorites

Remember When by Alan Jackson
Nostalgic, sweet and full of love!  I know my life took some turns I didn't expect and it wasn't exactly like I planned, but all in all I'm a happy woman! 

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  1. I love those songs. I still have the original Beatles Album with that song. I saw them in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium I think in 1963! Love Sesame Street. Love that song by Alan Jackson. And I loved John Denver.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. I love that you included a song that reminds you of time with your kids. I wonder if my kids will remember the silly sing alongs we have in the car and at bath time? I hope they do. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What great choices!! I love John Denver and saw him in concert when I was in High School. There was a time when I was a concert going fool and every country act that came here to Ft. Worth, I was trying to get tickets. Oh...those were the days!!! I think tickets then cost almost 20.00....today some of these acts over a hundred for nose bleed seats!!!

    Thanks for sharing and hanging in with me on Tuesdays!! Have a great week....oh....and still no name for those dishes...almost like they don't exist!! still searching.

  4. Hi Linda! These are great songs! I always related to "Annie's Song". You know the name thing! When my hubby worked for Pella Windows he worked on a special order of
    "green" ( I am talking the color green) windows for Annie Denver, John's ex wife. Back then many years ago those windows cost over a million dollars!
    I love John Denver's music but my favorite love song is "Perhaps Love which JD sang with Placido Domingo! Oh goodness, if I start talking about music I will never be quiet!
    Hugs Anne

  5. Oh I love the beatles too! I never got to go to concerts so you are lucky to have that memory. Blessings, Debbie