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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I is for.....

Today starts a new series called "Thrifty Living 2012"
I am not one of the contributing blogs but have decided to join in and post my own thoughts as I read the five wonderful ladies that will be posting in this series.  Today's posts were getting to know the bloggers and their reasons for thrifty living.

My name is Linda and I have two blogs.  A La Carte which features my thrifty finds, tablescaping and decorating fun.  I started this blog Viewing My World to share my photos and more personal views of my world.  This is where I will be doing my thrifty living posts. 
 I am 61 (divorced), I have two grown daughters, an amazing son in law, one beautiful Grandson,and a furry child named Charlie.  I lost my job about 2 1/2 years ago.  It knocked me to my knees.  I have looked and looked for work but have been unable to find a job in this economy.  After using up all my unemployment I find myself living on savings without health insurance. 
Its a very scary thing!
I decided to 'retire' and live the best life I can.  Not looking for a job any longer has reduced stress in so many ways.  Being retired has not been all bad. My daughter and son-in-law had a baby last year and I was able to spend several weeks helping them.  I've also been able to visit my brother in Texas who is terminally ill and see more of my Mom who also lives in Texas.  My oldest daughter moved to Calif and I've been able to visit her also.

The downside of course is paying the bills! 
I share my home (bought together 3 months before losing my job...ouch) with my best friend C. 
  He is a great guy and I'm lucky to have a person to share expenses with.  We each have our own lives but share times together also. We have been happily together for almost 4 years. 
It works for us. 

I love thrifting and blogging and have had a great time doing both.  After embracing being 'retired', I've realized I must cut back drastically on all spending.  This year will be an interesting one. 
I hope to learn about others ideas for living frugally and improve my own life.  

I'm also joining Jenny for Alphabe-Thur
for the letter  'I' which I used 24 times!

Viewing My World,


  1. even though i feel we are close, now i have learned even more! lol about the 24. i hate when sometimes you write a post (like mine, today) and it's all I. i even omitted some, to make things more general, even though it was a personal post. including this, i've used it 6 times in the comment.

  2. visiting from Jenny matlock. I also have a thrifting blog. I sell on ebay and it is about my adventures there. Sounds like being onemployed was a blessing in disguise. Good luck with everything I am link #62 but that is not my thrifting blog

  3. I'm following that series as well. It think it will help a lot of people! ~ Maureen

  4. Hi! I have read your other blog many many times ... and thanks for the link to "thrifty living" I can relate to your story and i am in a place where i need to cut expenses as well ... I hope to learn a lot from it!

  5. HA HA - you sure did. Love your story and WHO YOU ARE! sandie

  6. Wow! That's a lot going on! I'm sure you'll come out on top. "Thrifty Living" will certainly help, and will no doubt be fun as well!
    (I'll have to check out the series.)

    Splendid Little Stars

  7. Linda, I love your positive attitude toward all this change. You could have embraced the challenge with fear and hidden away, but instead you chose to find alternatives that work for you and help you survive.

    It seems that we are all being hit really hard with financial changes and decisions. When you take pride out of the direction you choose, it seems to get a bit easier.

    I really loved this post.

    Thank you.