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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eiffel Tower or Bust!

Suzanne at Coloradolady is having a weekly party called 
Each week she has a question she asks and we answer. This is week 2 and my first time to join in! 

Week Two Question:
What is one thing you remember saying when you were young that as an adult you would do no matter what? Did you do it or is it still a dream?

Honestly I can't remember saying I would do something no matter what as a kid except...
well I wanted to be a Mother....and I am.

But I think the other thing I remember dreaming of was going to France....really going to Paris! 
It sounded so glamorous and romantic and it still does.  No I've not been and maybe never will.  
But it's OK to dream! 
As you can tell from my other Blog
A La Carte I still love France and all things Paris.
I have shared my dream with my oldest daughter
She was recently in Las Vegas and told me about the replica Eiffel Tower and she is taking me there for Mother's Day! 
(from the Paris hotel website)

It may not be the real thing but I'm still excited! 
I've never been to Las Vegas so it will be a fun trip.  I will then visit Ashleigh for a week in Calif.

So that's my dream and hey it might come true one day.  Until then the fantasy of being at the 'Eiffel Tower" will do! 

Just Viewing My World,



  1. Well I know you will LOVE vegas and Paris and N.Y. and Bellagio and Caesars Palace. I LOVE going there. Haven't been in many years, but the thrill is still there and I LOVE rides, so that was an added bonus. The shopping is amazing but expensive. Food is wonderful, and I think they've done a great job with replicating the different countries.
    What a LOVELY mother's day gift, and then off to CA??? WOW Linda. You have some nice trips to look forward to.
    Love it

  2. i share the paris dream, too, it's my "one day" daydream. i've got so many pins of it in my travel pinboard on pinterest, too. that's fabulous about going to vegas, you will have a blast! we had huge daquairis in a huge eiffel tower container when i was there.

  3. Linda - it is the real thing. sandie