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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday #5

I'm joining Suzanne at Coloradolady for her weekly Tell Me Tue

This is week #5 and our question is

What is there too much of in the world???

is the first word that popped into my mind
I find that everyone is so angry all the time
Life is hard, I get that but why do we take it out on each other?  Angry salesclerks, angry food servers, angry drivers....I could go on forever.  

I make sure I smile and say thank you always!
It doesn't take much but it means so much!
We must learn to get along!

Viewing My World,


  1. Oh. Yes....you are so right. This too has escalated in the last several years. You know growing up. I don't remember angry people...maybe a scuffle on the school yard once in a while, but adults especially were not as angry as they seem today.....things sure would be great if we could turn back the hands of time to a more simpler time I think.

  2. Some days are worse than others when I'm out, but mostly nice around here. I guess because our economy here in Ottawa isn't bad like some of the American cities. It takes less muscles to be angry than happy. It's too easy. I choose to be happy.

  3. I'm not sure why my name is coming out C'set moi Claudett?????
    It's happens on a few other sites, but it's not all the time??

  4. I so agree with you Linda - we need a little more love in this world. sandie