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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday~Week 4

I'm joining Suzanne at Coloradolady for her weekly Tell Me Tuesday.  She asks a question and we answer.  My first thought today was, Suzanne where do these questions come from?

This weeks question:
Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never to be able to make new ones?

Wow~this is a hard one!

I gave it some thought and decided that I would give up making new memories.  I think that at age 61 more of my life is behind me and to lose all that would make me feel like I had lost me!  

No new memories but I would know my daughters and family and my Grandson.  I would still have times with them, but wouldn't remember.  

I fear this would be like having Alzheimers not something I would wish on anyone.

just viewing my world,



  1. Alzheimer's or dementia is one of the things I addressed in my answer! I guess if it was a straight trade and not actually the disease, it might be better, because you wouldn't lose old memories, less chance of hurting people, but it might frustrate them when you don't remember something they did with you yesterday.

    And you're right, not a disease to wish on anyone!

  2. I can't answer that one Linda, I just can't. Silly question I think. Sorry ; (

  3. I was like you, thought Alzheimer's too, but then with that would you be able to make new memories and remember them? It was hard for me to answer. I found a book at the half price books that has all kinds of "make you think" questions in it and thought that would be a good thing to stop and think about each week.

    ( I think I have made someone uncomfortable because I got an anonymous email saying what a waste of time, this was dumb.....I should cancel this bad idea) That is just the basic of what they had to say...it was so tacky what they said and then sent it without a name. I don't know.....is it dumb because it makes someone stop and think about something they might now normally think about?? who knows.